I love agriculture and I love freedom.  The following is from the first post I wrote, and summarizes what this blog is all about.  Thanks for your interest!


The emperor has no clothes and there are several elephants in the room.  It’s about time somebody said it.

I was raised on a cattle ranch along the Red River in Oklahoma.

I like to live life to the fullest.

I have:

  • studied,
  • worked for small businesses,
  • worked for large corporations,
  • worked for Government,
  • owned my own business,
  • dehorned cattle,
  • helped people with their finances,
  • castrated cutting bulls,
  • banked large agri-businesses,
  • pulled calves,
  • sold meat to Asian buyers,
  • washed water tanks,
  • been a public speaker,
  • butchered animals,
  • birthed 4 children,
  • set corner posts, stretched barbed wire and pounded T-posts,
  • written articles, a play and a book,
  • run breakevens and cash flow projections and budget/actual comparisons,
  • perfomed government policy analysis,
  • represented my fellow community members in local government, and
  • married a really good man,

among other things, in various locations around the world (although not all at the same time and place!).

I believe in individual human beings and their sacred rights to life, liberty and property.

I believe that with freedom, producers will continue to feed and clothe and shelter the world.

I know that there are, unfortunately, environmental and animal rights and other activists all over the world who are working to crush individual freedom and to stop agricultural productivity.

Worst of all, though, I know that the people who are supposed to be on our side…many industry organizations, departments of agriculture, agricultural colleges, media, and even other producers…as they maintain their cushy seats at the table inside whatever cozy tent they insist “we” must stay in, are feeding real producers to the wolves.

I’m here to shine the light of truth into dark areas where normal, every-day, hard-working people are not supposed to even be, let alone speak of.

I love ag.  And I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit by and let busybody, self-absorbed control freaks ruin it for future generations.

I’d appreciate your help.

3 comments on “About

  1. Louis Santucci says:

    Ms. Thompson, I read your article in Range Magazine, I could not have been more pleased to hear your comments about how our industry is trying to work with the very people who want to destroy us.

    My Grandfather started our hog and cattle operations in 1921 in Hayward, California. Around 1965 the city tried to take our ranch land to develope an industrial park. My Father and Uncle took them to court and took the city to the cleaners. We relocated to Holland Tract an island in the San Joaquin Delta area. My Father, Brother and I then bought a ranch in Byron, California around 1978 and started our own hog and cattle feedlots. We did very well for years, long hours, hard work, solving problems as they presented themselves, not looking for help from any governmental agencies. Around 1999 the state water department started demanding reports on how water run off from our land carrying fecal matter might be affecting the Delta water system. A number of letters and demands continued to arrive in our mail box and then they wanted us to pay $25,000.00 to file a study on our water run off. All major beef slaughter houses had left California and the added cost for transportation to out of state slaughter houses had cut into our profit margin so much we started to lose money. We closed down the business in April of 2000.

    Each and every day I think about the way ranch life gave me the freedom to do what needed to be done and not needing anyone else or agency to tell me what I should do. Our American dream is fading fast, while we allow federal and state government agencies to dictate how we should do business.

    God help us keep our freedoms intact!

    Lou Santucci
    San Ramon, California.

    • iloveag says:

      Lou, your comment made me cry. Thanks so much for sharing a tiny bit of your soul with me.

      You know what amazes me? We get turned into the bad guys and the bad guys get painted as saints who care about the common good and other such nebulous concepts. A day of reckoning will come. Truth makes herself known eventually. But how much idiocy will we endure…how many good people will throw up their hands in frustration…before that happens? I’m afraid it’s going to be ugly.

      You’re welcome at my campfire any time.


      • Louis Santucci says:

        Thank You Janet, my wife took the phone call today and I would be more then happy to share my thoughts with the readers of Range magazine. Lou

        PS, most of my cousins and other family members still ranch here in California and Nevada.

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