Attack Your Friends in order to Gain Credibility With Your Enemies!

Extra!  Extra!  Read all about it!  New way of fighting those who hate us is all the rage!  Don’t just read about it!  Jump on the bandwagon!  The sooner you attack other producers, the sooner you will…uhh…well, don’t think about that.  Just do it!


A recent discussion within an Aussie Facebook Group centered on a Wall Street Journal article written by Nicolette Hahn Niman, the wife of the Niman Ranch founder and author of “Defending Beef: The Case for Sustainable Meat Production.”

The title was “Raising Beef Is Good for the Planet.”  I “liked” the article.

The subtitle was “Despite environmentalists’ worries, cattle don’t guzzle water or cause hunger—and can help fight climate change.”  I “unliked” the article.

I should know better by now than to give my stamp of approval on something before I’ve thoroughly read it!  While the article appeared to be a defense of beef production, it quickly became apparent that “sustainable” meant grass-fed.

In any case, the conversation had agriculturalists pitted against each other. Savory Institute disciples criticized graziers who were not following that “all-natural, one-with-nature” method of production.  Conventional cattle growers were on their piece of moral high-ground when comparing themselves to the intensive, “unnatural” feed lotting practices.  Australian feedlotters found their justification in comparing themselves to the huge feedlots of the United States who feed evil corn as compared to the average 2,026-head sized Aussie lots that feed wheat, barley and sorghum.

10264044_529465880510165_4265152052230409415_o 10371348_516209905169096_1986653025771544781_o

One of our Aussie friends tagged us for our input.  Here is what I posted:

Interestingly, we have seen a change in tack from the anti-animal agriculture mob. Of course, they are still promoting vegetarianism through WWF, UN, PETA, Animals Australia, Mercy For Animals, HSUS, etc. But in the last few years, they began to push a wedge between agriculturalists, by getting us to point fingers at each other rather than fighting the true battles that need to be fought.

This conversation is typical of what we now see: don’t blame ME! I take care of my land and animals! Look at <fill in another area of production in which speaker is not involved>. They are much worse for the environment!

But in reality, it’s not grass fed versus grain fed beef; beef versus pork or lamb or chicken; meat versus veggies; American feedlots versus Australian feedlots; livestock versus row cropping; GM versus non-GM; Traditional versus “organic.”

The real battle has always been producers versus non-producers; centralized control versus individual freedom and responsibility. The real battle is communal management versus private property ownership.

The most incredible thing to me is that most agriculturalists know that the hypothesis of man-made global warming is absolute hogwash. And yet we are all still competing in the realm of perception as to who’s carbon footprint is smaller.


I love ag!  I grew up on a cattle grazing operation in southeastern Oklahoma.  My husband and I owned and operated our own feedlot in Western Australia for 10.5 years.  We moved back to the United States in February of 2012 and my husband now manages a feedyard in Texas.  We are proud to be producers, no matter the segment, the management style, or the country!


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