The Bad Actor

McLeach 9

“The Bad Actor” in my mind.

I know he’s bad; he’s really bad.

And I know he’s really real.

They talk about him all the time,

With much gusto and zeal.


He loves to beat his cattle,

And zap them with a prod,

For no reason whatsoever,

He’s a brainless, soul-less clod.


He starves his dogs on purpose,

Doesn’t care for them a whit.

He yells and has no love for them,

Works them hard… and in the shit!


Horses, mules, some goats and cats,

They all are treated badly.

How he survives with what he does,

Why, only God knows, sadly.


I’m pretty sure he’s got no teeth,

And has a real mean streak,

He tells us all to go to hell,

He’s certainly not meek.


His land…his land, my goodness!

He drains of all good stuff.

He sucks the life right out of it.

Someone should say, “Enough!”


As members of his industry,

We truly are dismayed.

We must stand up and set the rules,

Enforce them come what may.


We are good and caring.

We love our animals and land.

We’re nothing like the Bad Actor.

We’re honest, pure and grand.


If we don’t set our own standards,

And enforce them forcefully,

The world will trust not one of us…

They’ll impose THEIR rules with glee.


So as a good guy, I support,

Codes of practice, accreditation,

Stiff sentences for those who breach,

The regs and legislation.


We must be seen to be tough on crime,

While transparent…cooperative…kind.

It’s vital that we use one voice,

Move ahead.  Don’t be maligned.


Root out Bad Actors everywhere,

Cut them off right at the knee!

Don’t let them give us a bad rap,

We’re not like them, you see.

angry mob

I’ll gladly join the witch-hunt,

Condemn without much fact.

Point my finger at another,

Just to show I ‘m’a class act.


After quite some time of killing off,

The bad actors in my field,

It seems increasingly difficult,

To maintain the salving yield.


The ones who complained originally,

Who said what I did was wrong,

Want more and more clear evidence,

They’ve become a pressing throng.


The politicians love us,

They can show they did their part,

And our own high-bars are baselines now,

The bureaucrats take heart!


The business side has gotten tough,

Hard to make a livin’ nowadays,

Seems we’re regulated right and left,

On top of drought and market frays.


I’m working cattle in the pens,

Dust flying everywhere.

It’s hot and sticky, flies galore,

I’m on a stubborn mare.


And while I’m in the thick of it,

Here comes a nice new car,

A young and skinny blonde gets out,

She’s come to audit the farm.


She kens not much that I can see,

She knows not a steer or heifer.

She’s sure that water runs uphill,

She’s shocked to feel the zephyr.


“I don’t have time for this,” I say,

No patience in my voice.

Her eyes narrow in an instant,

“Well of course, you have no choice!”


Things go downhill right fast from there.

And when all is said and done,

I’m labeled a Bad Actor….

The worst and final one.


3 comments on “The Bad Actor

  1. Carol J. Hufnagel says:

    Excellent! More truthful it could not be! All scenarios we have witnessed!

  2. John D Snooke says:

    So often the producer is his or hers own worst enemy. Seducing productive industry’s to self regulate by calling it a solution is a trap not easily seen by reasonable people. This fantastic poem will help wake those seduced. Freedom to produce is the only solution for any society.

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