Raping Cows

I’m helping out at the local high school.  The speech teacher had emergency back surgery, and the Principal was desperate…so here I am.

“Enlightening” is an understatment!  These young people were born after the USSR ceased to exist (and most didn’t even know what the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was!).  They had never heard of Joseph Stalin.  They had never heard the word “jargon.”  Many did not know what the word “informal” meant.

The last speech these students gave was “informative.”  Topics included school violence, animal rights, abortion, addiction, gun control, identity theft, teen suicide and a host of others.  I used my first day conversing with the students about various things, including that last speech.

Without exception, even though the speech was meant to be informative only, the students who gave the animal rights speech thought that animals should have rights.

One girl said that she does not eat red meat (a decision she came to a week or two ago), because she found out that cows are raped.  They are artificially inseminated.  That is not natural.  Those animals should not be bred if they do not want to be.

One girl said that animals should have rights because they should not be used for testing.

Another (girl!) said that she read about two elephants being stabbed and beaten, and therefore they should have rights.

The students use a book that must stay in the classroom to “develop” their subject.  Not one student (from my informal survey) actually used the Net to research.


“Animal Rights” by Charles Patterson is THE book in this classroom on animal rights.  It’s the book that is to be referenced in the “credibility” statement in the speech.  “It’s radical” is an understatement.

I console myself with the knowledge that most of the students are so numb from boredom that almost nothing is sticking.

At the beginning of each second period, via intercom, all students are led in a pledge to the U.S. flag and another pledge to the Texas flag.


“What happens if Texas secedes?” I asked this morning.

“Oh, we don’t really believe what we’re saying.  We just say it because we have to.”

In other words, the students are just going through the motions.

Thank the Lord for small mercies.