Centrally-Planned Agriculture! What Could Go Wrong?

Here is the piece originally published in Australia’s Quadrant Online in which the progression from one unsuccessful scare campaign to the next is outlined.  Agriculture is in the direct line of fire of advocates of centralized planning.

There are lots of great ideas in agriculture.  But just because someone discovers or invents a new and better way to do things does not mean that that new idea or product should be forced upon everyone.  If it’s truly a good idea, the market will ensure that it is voluntarily taken up by increasing numbers of people.

Individual land owners must choose for themselves what and how to produce — or indeed, whether to produce anything at all!  Respect of private property is central to a free and prosperous society.

More freedom…not more central planning…is always the answer.  Always.


Peasant Farmers

Modern Farming















I love ag.  I know lots of people who do.  But in order to continue doing what we love, we must be aware of how agriculture is viewed and treated by those who do not live it.


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