Tyson Foods Announces A Win For Wayne Pacelle

News on 2 October 2012 of Wayne Pacelle, President of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), announcing his candidacy for a seat on the board of Tyson Foods launched ripples throughout animal agriculture.

In a letter dated 10 October, Tyson seemingly responded with the resounding statement that (I paraphrase), “It does not matter if Wayne Pacelle is on our Board of Directors…he is dominating our policy anyway.”

The letter was apparently sent to any farmers and ranchers (hog, chicken, and/or cattle) who had supplied Tyson in the past.

Here is a copy of the letter:

Donnie Smith, President and CEO concluded the letter with:

“We hope you agree that such steps are important to the goal all of us share in the livestock and meat business:  providing customers and consumers with the absolute best and highest quality protein products.”

Well, Mr. Smith, I can tell you that we wholly agree on the goal.

But we vehemently disagree that your arrogant, ignorant, money- and time-wasting audit program will in any way aid us in that goal.  In fact, because this audit program is about developing a façade in a vain attempt to appease Wayne Pacelle and other animal rights activists, it will only serve to detract from the agreed-upon goal.

FarmCheck Responsible Sourcing will be all cost and zero benefit to anyone except the activists whose goal is to eradicate the use of animals.


2 comments on “Tyson Foods Announces A Win For Wayne Pacelle

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