Is My Homemade Chocolate Cake “Processed?”

OKAY, I made a chocolate cake from scratch this morning.  (Imagene Ellis’s recipe…best ever!)

Full Disclosure: This pic stolen from Internet! Photo of my product below.

In it, I put:
  • flour (processed)
  • sugar (processed)
  • butter (processed, with salt (yum))
  • oil (processed)
  • water (from the tap…but it did not get to my house naturally!)
  • cocoa (processed)
  • salt (processed)
  • vanilla extract (processed)
  • eggs (whole, unprocessed!)
  • baking soda (sodium hydrogen carbonate, for heaven’s sake!)
  • buttermilk (I combined vinegar (acetic acid, for heaven’s sake!) and milk (pasteurized))
Question of the day:  Is my cake evil or not?
It’s official. My cake from scratch is evil. So School Halloween Carnival gets store-bought. My kids get scratch. I think my kids get the better deal, though. Looks awful… tastes great!

Yeah, well, the cake is TASTY, at least!


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