I got myself banned from a Facebook page…the first time ever!

I’m a farm girl…an agvocate…fighting environmental and animal rights activists online and in person.  Did I get banned from a Greenpeace page?  HSUS?  PETA?  WWF?  No.

The ban came from Feedstuffs Foodlink (FF), supposedly a pro-agriculture Facebook page which enjoys remnant credibility due to the respected magazine Feedstuffs.  Intriguing.

After I was banned, this was posted by FF:

Feedstuffs Foodlink (23 September 2012):  Respectful, positive and fact-based conversations is what we are all about. If you can’t do that or your intentions are otherwise motivated, quite simply you will be blocked.

Well, that’s interesting.  My last comment on the page was in response to continued heavy promotion by FF of Fair Oaks Pig Adventure, a project of Fair Oaks Farms, which Wayne Pacelle of HSUS visited and commented on relatively favorably earlier in the month.

Feedstuffs Foodlink (Earlier on 23 September 2012):  Legacy Farm / Fair Oaks Pig Adventure is taking shape! Plan is for pigs to move in sometime in December. Doors open to the public in first part of 2013…. and very, very cool interactive displays in the works. Love it!!

Upon finally drilling down on Fair Oaks Farm’s website, I found that they boasted milk and milk products from cows which had not been treated with hormones or antibiotics.

I commented something like this (it was removed):  Do you know what they do with the calves and cows that get sick?  Do they shoot them, let them die on their own, or treat them and sell them?

I thought this was a fact-based, logical question.  I am really curious.  Surely a journalist would respect the question.  In addition, FF is promoting the idea of all producers being open and honest and sharing everything with the public!  Am I the only one to see a wee bit of irony here?

Okay, so maybe there is more behind FF banning me.  The day before:

Feedstuffs Foodlink (22 September 2012):  Pretty darn cool.. one of our recent articles on the changes to the school meals program was picked up this morning in a newsletter for health and wellness professionals. 🙂

Janet Hufnagel Thompson Wow! Which article? Link to newsletter please?

Friday at 11:41am

Feedstuffs FoodLink Someone forwarded it to me so I don’t have a link. Working on trying to get signed up if I’m able.

Friday at 11:44am

Tom Tibbits Awesome for both reaching some in that profession and for having the article picked up.

Friday at 12:16pm · 1

Janet Hufnagel Thompson What’s the name of the newsletter? Which recent article from Feedstuffs FoodLink got picked up?

Friday at 12:57pm · 1

Janet Hufnagel Thompson Any luck on figuring out which of your own articles was picked up? Any luck on figuring out what the name of the newsletter is? I’d love to read it.

My query was never answered.  Why?  Isn’t it strange that FF would boast about this, and then refuse to share any additional information?  I was curious, but her evasiveness ratcheted me up to “suspicious.”

What does not show up on the above chain is FF’s intervening comment (which she promptly deleted) and my reply (also deleted).  I had a feeling that this wasn’t going well, so I took a picture of the screen:

Strange disappearances

In case you can’t read that, Feedstuffs wrote and immediately deleted:  Why so you can go attack it in front of health and wellness professionals, Janet….Think not.

Do you think that banning honest discussions within our industry is a good thing? Can we question what people “above us” are doing in the name of agriculture?

I’m shocked and disappointed that here in the land of the free and the home of the brave, I’ve been banned…by my own industry!…because I asked good questions and aimed for transparency.  Once the shock and disappointment wear off, I’ll pursue my growing suspicion.

We are constantly told that we must speak with one voice in agriculture.  But only Communist countries speak with one voice.  What does Feedstuffs Foodlink fear from one small voice like mine?


2 comments on “Banned…!

  1. Traci says:

    “Intruiging” – indeed…might want to run spell check to at least improve your credibility.

    • iloveag says:

      Haha, Traci, thanks for that! I’m not sure that people who attack my credibility based on a spelling mistake or two really care about truth, but in any case, your spell-check advice is well-taken…(or perhaps I can count on helpful people like you to help me out!?)

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